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Our client centered investment philosophy is based on the following principles:


High fees result in performance drag and rob from long-term investment performance.  (We strive to keep a portfolio's over all fee structure low. ) No load mutual funds, low cost exchange traded funds (ETF), and individual stocks are our assets of choice when building client portfolios.


We believe asset allocation decisions have the greatest impact on long-term portfolio performance.  Therefore, properly matching our clients' goals and objectives with an appropriate asset allocation program is our primary concern.


We believe changes in asset allocation should be driven primarily by changes in our clients' financial situation, with secondary consideration given to changing market and economic conditions.


We believe diversifying across a broad range of asset classes is sessential to minimize risk and enhance returns.


Our independence gives us flexibility to provide our clients with a wide array of world class investments.  We are not bound to any proprietary product.


We strive to optimize after-tax returns whenever possible.


We believe ongoing communication with our clients is essential to long-term investment success.




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